Belted Galloways are one of Britain’s most beautiful rare breed cattle.  Originally from the Southwest of Scotland, the Galloway gained its belt (or band or sheet depending upon where you’re from) sometime in the 17th century courtesy of a Dutch trend to do the same.  It helped farmers find their pitch black cows (or red or dun) in the bleak, barren and desolate landscape.  Now, it helps us find them in the wooded coves the herd like to hide in on our farm!

The meat is absolutely spectacular and different from other beef you may have tried.  It is first and foremost - well - deliciously BEEFY.  You know the sensation you hanker for when you’re craving a nice bit of British beef?  That is the very taste a Belted Galloway joint, burger, steak, stew (I could go on) will deliver.  We’ve even had customers email us photos of their meals they’re so satisfied.

We sell the beef mainly in boxes, but if you live locally, please pop by and we’d be happy to piece together an individually tailored order for you.

Please visit our Seven Fields Produce page to find out more details.